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"Professional, Reliable & Hassle Free ~ The Way Moving Should Be"
Since 1935

Why? Because Aetna is:

  Experienced: Since 1935 AMS has played an important role in moving businesses and families throughout the state of Wisconsin. AMS offers over 100 years of combined moving expertise. Our dedicated staff has the knowledge and training to ensure that you belongings arrive at their final destination in their original condition. You have our Guarantee we will attentively handle every detail of your move from the booking to your move completion.

  Concerned: Aetna Moving and Storage, Inc. is a Family Owned business. We understand how important your business equipment or household possessions are to you. Our people are well trained, courteous and concerned professionals, caring about your belongings.
Prepared: A well maintained fleet of vehicles, and efficient dispatching service and secure, environmentally controlled storage facilities make it easy for us to accommodate your moving schedule.

  Affordable:  With our many years of experience, we have developed economical ways of getting a job done efficiently and on time, at an honest and fair price.

  Moving & Packing: To guarantee the protection of all your possessions during a move, professional packing of business equipment, computers, appliances and glassware is a must. We will securely pack these and other valuable items for safe, accident free transport. Once everything is packed and ready to go, we're ready for the heavy work. For you, this means no lifting, no carrying, no loading, no unloading and no headaches.

  Secure First Rate Storage Facilities: Sometimes, it is impractical or impossible to move from your present location immediately into your new surroundings. Aetna Moving and storage , Inc. can be of assistance in these situations. Our facilities include 20,000 square feet of Alarmed, Secured and Heated Storage Space for long or short term commercial and residential storage. Our building is equipped with two loading docks, and an over head crane and shelf racking system. Aetna Moving and Storage, Inc. will pick up or receive, store and deliver items per your instructions,  all at an affordable price.  

When you choose Aetna Moving and Storage, Inc. you can be assured that you have made the best choice
for safe efficient moving and storage services for your business or home.


"Taking care of YOUR gold, is what makes AETNA golden."

Aetna Moving & Storage Inc. (41st & Lincoln) 2173 South Aetna Lane Milwaukee, WI  53215 

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